Laurell Technologies Corporation
18 April 2024

Exhaust and Drain Options

Adjustable Down-flow Exhaust and Drain

Standard on all EDC systems Required for SOG (Spin-ON-Glass) and other coating applications where particles and strings are produced

  • The primary function is to separate vapors which are exhausted upward from liquids which are drained downward
  • An adjustable control valve is provided to fine tune exhaust flow (a facility blast-gate, not included, is required for coarse exhaust volume control)
  • Oversized ø2.5" (65 mm) flexible polypropylene exhaust duct allows more than adequate volume conduction
  • Large ø1" (25 mm) Convoluted Teflon® drain tubing is used for its high chemical resistance and to stabilize effluent flow velocity
  • Rinse to Resistivity Option — better control saves Time and Money

    Stop guessing! Determine in real time when your substrate is fully rinsed.

  • Constantly measures the drain fluids electrical conductivity to determine when to end the rinse and start drying
  • Accurately detecting when the chemical has been adequately rinsed from the substrate and process chamber completely removes this variable, especially when different process chemicals concentrations are used.
  • Sensing a resistivity setpoint can be fully integrated into your processing sequence. Don't worry, there's also an adjustable bypass time in case something unexpected happens while the system is running unattended.
  • Save processing TIME (the absolute best result in the shortest possible time — no more guessing!)
  • Saves Rinse MATERIAL COST (solvent / DI water)
  • Saves WASTE DISPOSAL COST (eliminates unnecessarily wasted resources year after year)
  • Port Adapter: Exhausted Drain Reservoir

    A Simple way to capture waste materials while providing just the right amount of exhaust (Included on most coaters we offer)

  • Easily removable screw-in reservoir for waste material with constant view of level (a 2nd reservoir is included to exchange when full)
  • Small volume exhaust provides continuous vapor extraction, which cannot degrade coating uniformity
  • Port Adapter: Drain Tube Only

    A convenient provision to drain waste materials to a larger vessel (usually an exhausted carboy) (Standard alternate option on most coaters we offer)

  • Allows spin coaters to be connected to a large vessel, like the exhausted carboy (not included) or a facility drain
  • Not intended for high volume rinsing or drying applications (equipment damage will occur) — use only Adjustable Down-flow Exhaust and Drain, shown above.