Laurell Technologies Corporation
18 April 2024


Integrated Variable Pneumatic Vacuum Generator

Generate your own vacuum

No more noisy vacuum pumps or loss of house vacuum to stop you ever again!

  • Integrated (attached to spin housing)
  • Variable (allows fine vacuum force adjustment*)
  • Pneumatic (consumes nothing when off)
  • Vacuum (meets the needs of most holding requirements)
  • Generator (no moving parts — indefinite life expectancy!)

Note: It requires 10 — 60 PSIG (0.7 — 4 bar) of CDA/N2 to generate approximately 1 — 25" Hg of vacuum. Maximum free flow rate is 1.7 CFM. Only Laurell o-ring sealed chucks are recommended. NOT recommended for use with most Laurell High Porosity Vacuum Chucks.

An easy-to-install retrofit kit is available for all existing Laurell systems with a pneumatic vacuum control valve.

How much quieter is the IV-PVG is than your vacuum pump?

*adjustment requires simple gas regulator (not supplied)