Laurell Technologies Corporation
29 May 2024

UD- Series

Universal Dispenser — now with microliter capability

The Universal Dispenser is Laurell's most advanced dispense system and it's very affordable. Hundreds now in use!

  • Multiple dispenses without dripping!
  • Repeatable dispense amounts of less than 1 ml, but with microliter precision software enhancement 10 µl ±1 µl, is possible
  • Adjustable rate suck-back control (no drips or air bubbles generated)
  • Simple, straightforward, easy-to-use and maintain design
  • Can be used with syringe, pump or pressure vessel material source (requires configuration and additional items not included with the standard option list pricing)
  • Thousands of hours of successful factory and field testing with materials up to 8,000 cp
  • Adjustable locking ball mount configurations available for positioning, designated as UD-3b
  • ECTFE construction and FFKM O-rings assure the ultimate chemical resistance

Just need a manual syringe?