Laurell Technologies Corporation
18 April 2024

YES, Purge is Required!

  • Process chamber purge is required to operate your spin processor.
  • Just a small amount of Nitrogen or CDA (Clean Dry Air)
  • A field proven feature, NOT a limitation, typically found in much more elaborate process equipment.
  • This graphic represents the functionality of the seal purge. The seal's purpose is to separate the process chamber from the motor and electronics in order to insure long, service-free operation. We have had no failures as a result of process chamber flooding since its implementation in January 2004.
  • Its second purpose is to operate the vacuum control valve, as well as many more pneumatically controlled options now available.

Note: This is an advanced functionality NOT an unnecessary, wasteful extravagance which others would have you believe! We are proud of the evolution of our product and feel for most users this is a solution, not a limitation. The consumption of a few cubic liters of gas (typically N2, Ar or Clean Dry Air) per hour is a small price to pay to ensure indefinite trouble-free operation.


The animation above represents the functionality of the
process chamber purge.