Laurell Technologies Corporation
2 June 2020

ø150mm Spin Coaters

Spin Coater

Etch, Develop, Clean


Spin Coater

ø150mm wafers and 5" × 5" (127mm × 127mm)


Spin Coater

ø150mm wafers and 5" × 5" (127mm × 127mm)

Laurell WS-400-6NPP spin coater

Spin Coater

400 Series Spin Coaters Discontinued

Superceded by WS-650-23B
(see above)

ø150mm wafers and 4" × 4" (102mm × 102mm)


Spin coating involves accurately dispensing a liquid, typically photoresist, onto a substrate, typically a semiconductor wafer, then spinning to achieve a uniform, defect-free film. Our now-famous design employs the use of extremely precise rotation control coupled with a closed, fully optimized process chamber — leaving absolutely nothing to chance.


Spin Processor

ø150mm wafers and 5" × 5" (127mm × 127mm)

Spin coater video: Laurell VoD

Etching, Developing, Cleaning

EDC™ systems dynamically dispense chemistry onto a substrate, then rinse and dry it, along with the plumbing and process chamber. This dry in, dry out philosophy yields very repeatable results. Most process recipes now include forward/reverse rotation routines, which were initially developed to correct etch biasing on high aspect ratio features. An agitation technique is now being used to enhance rinse uniformity and reduce chemical consumption. Static "puddle" processes can also be accomplished in this system.