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18 April 2024

WS-650 Spin Coater / Universal Spin Processor


This advanced research and development tool is flexible, safe and affordable. The WS-650 Spin Coater series is typically employed for Solvent, Base or Acid-based processing: Coating, Etching, Developing, Rinsing-Drying and Cleaning. Many dispense options both manual and automatic available.

Continue to upgrade your system indefinitely without returning to the factory with our modular "Back-Pack" kits. While all of these process are supported, Laurell recommends single-use only because of known material conflicts, for example, Photoresist and Developer (cross contamination) and SC-1 and SC-2 (HCl + NH4OH creating NH4Cl, a hazardous inhalation risk).


  • Models available for 150 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm wafers and square substrates
  • Digital Process Controller
  • Solid Special Formula Natural Polypropylene or Teflon® housing with interlocking clamshell plenum
  • Water-clear ECTFE or PVC domed lid
  • NPP or Teflon® control valves / drip-free UD-3 injectors (resolution repeatability in µl) — convert your source quickly from a pump to a pressure vessel or a syringe
  • Adjustable down-flow exhaust and drain (includes 10' of flexible duct)
  • Safety door interlock (disallows rotation and chemical dispense process chamber is open)
  • Safety door latch (requires deliberate action to open the process chamber)
  • Safety door lock (process chamber can not be opened while a program is running or during chuck rotation after program ends)


  • Stainless steel pressure vessels
  • ECTFE Halar® encapsulated stainless steel pressure
  • Dual containment ECTFE Halar® encapsulated stainless steel pressure vessel (typically for a single or four liter bottle)
  • Multiple output injectors
  • BP-1 — an inexpensive, disposable dispense pump
  • English or Metric size non-vacuum wafer chucks
  • Small fragment non-vacuum chuck
  • Sealed face Vacuum Chucks
  • High Porosity Vacuum chucks for thin films and fragile substrates
  • Vacuum adapters for fragments as small as 3 mm
  • Many other chucks are available ... samples or specific size, including thickness and ALL tolerances, is required
Laurell WS-650-15NPP Spin Coater

WS-650-15 Spin Coater

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